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Sedutora 1000

Sedutora 1000

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thoughts ... I thought that not every end had a beginning..nn everything that is good has its price..not everything I have deserves ... not everything that sprouts is from the ground..not every king has his throne..not everything dog has its owner..not everything that sleeps is sleepy ... not every rule, exception..not everything that dies is of hunger..not everything that kills if it eats ... not everything that is pain consumes me ... all poetry, chorus, ... not every car has brake .. not all sharing is in the middle ..not every party is rodeo ... not everything that runs is top.not every work if prima.nem everything that is poor rhyme..not everything that is noble if fencing..nem everything beautiful almejo ... not everything that excites is desire .. not every desire is horny S2 ....... ameii anjojagunco

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