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3 days ago Ficando com a Jenny até quando ela dizer chega!!

Good night my Dear. I come to the public to speak of my admiration for the charming and special person that is for me several times I have told you in every imaginable place that we have already that what matters is what we have here in our heart the feeling that makes things happen. You and a woman so complete and competent in tuff that does that made from the first day I stay as I am today dominated and enchanted by all your qualities and even by your defects that we all have. Your biggest mistake and be so angry that even sends me to "F ... Leave the room" kkk. Over time some adjustments have been made and I believe that everything has improved and each time it will get better because you and I want it. This week will be very special for me and you will know it as I told you. You are very beautiful, my dear, and I love maissssss. EiiiOn my part, the only pity I have is that I sign the verses and by speaking in verse to finish I like very much the verse of Quintana "they will pass me bird".

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