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What a yummy lollipop.. I started sucking it, but it was so tasty that I got horny and I rubbed it on my breasts.. I wen…

on 07/24/2023
Garota Tarada

Garota Tarada


    Butt sequence 😈 #butt

    há 1d
    sissysasha This is the most BEAUTIFUL photo I saw on CP's timeline today! ✨✨✨💛💛💛☀️☀️☀️ há 1d
    Garota Tarada
    Thank you love, I'm so happy há 3h
    O-Rustico What a beautiful butt🤤😍 há 1d
    Garota Tarada
    thank you love há 3h
    thuliosbraga I love these panties so much, I miss you my love há 2h


    há 12d

    WHAT A WOMAN is this! Great chat, open mind, beautiful body and more than hot! It made me have a cramp hahaha. But that mouth and that smile are wonderfully perfect! Simply fascinating. Thank you for the chat and I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me! I'll be back again for sure, it's beautiful! Kisses on that wonderful smile of yours!

    Garota Tarada
    I loved our chat, our chat.. I got to know you a little more than just the sex and horny part, although it was wonderful too.. lol.. it was great to be able to spend this time with you and I hope to see you soon again.. kisses, beautiful há 12d
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