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On 02/01/2018 Offline - profile

A brief warning, since here it is necessary to reinforce something that seemed obvious, but come on: You can complain, come back and curse me, send criticism to the site, I do not care at all, amorecos. If it's a scrotum with me, if I come out of nowhere in MY ROOM and do not know how to be at least kind before anything, if I come out of nowhere and let out some low-slung slutty babes, it's going to be BANISH from my room! :-( The intelligent human being is one who knows his limitations! Here everyone here has the right to get what he wants from the model, SINCE THE SAME IS DISPOSED! I do not want your money $$ and I want your company if you do not I can tell a woman from a hole to stick her little girl in. A girl is a Cam Girl, it's not a license for you to give her all her lack of respect, a dislike to women and hatred, no! every one of them is here!

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On 04/13/2018

Seriously, every day I think of a new adjective for you, because all who have, are not worthy to characterize it. You are much more than a friend to me, every time I enter your room, I feel so at home, to the point of opening the refrigerator without permission kkkk. All this has been achieved based on the respect I have for you, I always thank you for the opportunity you gave me to enter your world. I love you too much, your way of smiling, talking, playing, it's all so unique and yours, that captivates me so much, it seems until I've always known you. I'm sorry the times I left, but I never stopped thinking about you, to see if I was okay, if I was happy. I am very happy to know that this feeling is reciprocal, because it shows that friendships can be won in the virtual world. You're too important to me, and your simple smile makes me happy. Well, by hj it's just kkkkk Bjsssss !! I'm already with sdds

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