How do I subscribe to a FanClub?

Subscribing to a FanClub is super easy. Check out the 3 different options available:

1. Banner on the Performer's profile

Simply access the performer's profile and right there, you will see a banner with the information about their FanClub, as shown in the image below:

You will have free access to a preview of the content shared by the performer in each Premium Content category, which includes Premium Photos, Stories and Videos. This will allow you know exactly how much content you will have access to when subscribing to the performer's FanClub and can make the decision on whether or not the FanClub subscription is worth it to you. If you decide to subscribe, just click on the "Subscribe to FanClub" button and confirm your credit card details, that's it. You will now be able to enjoy all the Premium Content offered by the Performer.

2. From a Performer's Premium Content

When you click to purchase weekly access to one of the Premium Content categories offered by the performer, you will see the option "Would you like to pay less for more content?". You can click that option to subscribe to the performer's FanClub and get access to all the performer's Premium Content at once.

Whether by directly accessing the banner on the performer's profile or through one of the performer's available Premium Content categories, the subscription process is the same.

3. On the Review screen after a live show

After a live show of at least 5 minutes, you are directed to a Review screen. If the performer has an active FanClub and you enjoyed the show, you can take the opportunity to subscribe to their FanClub and get access to all the performer's Premium Content. Just click on "Subscribe to FanClub" and complete the required information as mentioned above.

If you still have questions, please read the article: What are the advantages of a FanClub subscription?

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