What is Privetoy?

PriveToy is a live chat room feature at Camera Prive that creates a more interactive experience between users and performers. They are vibrators that are connected to the performers room and can have their intensity controlled by you. Remember, performers may or may not accept your request to control the vibrator.

The fee charged to activate a PriveToy is an additional .30 or .60 credits per minute for the live chat as defined by the performer, regardless of the type of paid chat you are in. You can turn the PriveToy on and off at any time during the live show. Remember that by deactivating the PriveToy control, does not end the live show. You can continue interacting with the performer in Paid Chats after deactivating the PriveToy for as long as you want.

There are several models of the PriveToy available such as the LUSH, AMBI, NORA, DOMI, EDGE, HUSH and OSCI. To learn more about each of them and their functionality, visit: https://cameraprive.com/us/features/2019/privetoy

It's easy to identify performers that have a Privetoy, they will have a Privetoy icon on their website profile picture. You can also identify which model of PriveToy they have by clicking and visiting their chat room.

We have included an example image below:

Try all the PriveToy models available at Camera Prive and test their functionality in paid Chats with your favorite performers!

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