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The meaning of taboo generally refers to a prohibition on the practice of any social activity that is morally, religiously or culturally objectionable. Saying that something is taboo can mean that it is sacred and therefore I prohibit any contact. Or it can also mean something dangerous, filthy or impure. Each society has its own moral standards. Taboos that exist in one culture may not exist in others. Taboos are created by social, religious and cultural conventions. They are means of preserving society's good customs by limiting the practice of certain acts or avoiding talking about controversial subjects.

Group Chat

I think the name itself says it, simple chat here the conversation is very communal, there is no exclusivity, we are not going to get to know each other and share in an interactive and communal way.

Private / Exclusive Chat

whether in PV or exclusive, no one else can interact in our conversation. In PV you can hear us (the famous voyeurs) who I love with passion.. lol. They can hear everything, both me and you. but you can't ask or participate unfortunately. lol at the exclusive no one can hear or see us, literally just me and you. lol do you want to break the taboo? this is the best place. lol for sure. lol

While using Voyeur Mode and peeking in on a chat, the conversation will not be shown to you.