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On 01/08/2019

Unfortunately I spent a lot of time with the girl ... Not promising what I would do ... Jumping off the set ... It's more beautiful to speak the truth than to make excuses ... Second virtual experience and totally disappointed ... For things like that I will not even come back ... Good luck and success.

Nanda Angel
Nanda Angel
On 01/09/2019

I'm here to do a show and not get into paid chat already taking off my clothes and getting naked to none of you ... things here my dear does not work that way, at least not with me, so have more education, when you come into chat with any model and not make it a robot ... ngm is being paid to be rushed but to perform a show ...... I do not need to roll ngm here to win my .... see who I am and how much I have time here ... it was great your evaluation ... because my clients know how and who I am and how I work ... and your money? Thank you ...... I'm waiting for him on my account when you make the rescue .... light bjo

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