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24 days ago

No words to describe you! I fell in love with this unique way, beautiful on the outside and a show inside. For me every moment with you is magic, I do not know if you know but she is a great woman and every conversation with you becomes more and more in love. I'm a little embarrassed yet but when I let go there you'll see ... kkkkk huge kiss and I'm dying of longing 😘😘😘😍😍😍

Estrella Bella
Estrella Bella
23 days ago

Without words, I was left to trust myself all this time! And how long! Many things happen in our hearts, many changes tb! Hj you're far but at the same time close is exactly how I feel when we cross even though virtually ... I'm also in love with you my beautiful! I know of this shame there saw ... rss haha will lose, I guarantee! Hahaha, thanks, it's beautiful .... s2

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