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5 days ago

How I loved meeting this little person! I expected her to leave a chat, almost freaked out when I saw that she was away and when she came back, it was just smiles! Here, I will not talk about what I saw, what we do or do not do, but I will speak of a person who enchants the first smile she gives you. More and more that the conversation flowed, everything happened naturally. We had a light-filled conversation. Behind this screen, there is a woman with a unique heart, know to respect and value. No hurry, because they will be matched in the best way. I loved meeting her, I loved every moment. We even have affectionate nicknames! haha ha. By far the best we have here. Thank you for giving me the best smiles and the best moments. Beautiful from head to toe (yes hahaha)! And the best, so beautiful on the inside, with such a beautiful soul that transpires on the outside! I LOVED to meet you and I will love to come back here, to have more moments and to know you a little more!

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